Canadian Style Red Beer

The distinctive rich copper colour and delicious malty flavours have made this one of Canada's favourite beers. Uniquely smooth and very drinkable.

Canadian Style Lager

A bright golden, smooth, refreshing beer with genuine Canadian taste. Clean and clear - crisp and cool.

Canadian Style Blonde Ale

A refreshing new Canadian favourite that is light golden in colour with a milder hop character than most other beers.

Canadian Style Draught

Fresh, smooth taste coupled with pronounced hop character distinguishes it from other lagers. A light flavoured, easy drinking style. Very refreshing.

Canadian Style Light Beer

Lighter in colour with a slight fruity aroma and clean crisp taste. A classic light beer.

Canadian Style Pilsner

Bright gold in colour with a light, crisp,  delicate flavour. Well balanced fruity character with a slightly sweet aftertaste.