Wild Berry Additive Kits   

Wild Berry Additives Kits : Includes ingredients and instructions to make Wine from your own Berries or Fruits


Wine Yeast;  Lalvin EC-1118 (other types can be ordered)

Wine Yeast : 7 Day Yeast Nutrient

Fining Agents



Sparkaloid: 10gr / 1kg

Bentonite: 30gr / 1kg

Isinglass:  45ml

Chitosan:  150ml

.1Fermentation Aids

Yeast Energizer: 25gr / 1kg

Yeast Nutrient: 50gr / 1kg

Ascorbic Acid: 25gr / 1kg

Acid Blend: 50gr / 1kg

Pectic Enzyme: 20gr

Wine Tannin 25gr / 1kg

Potassium Metabisulphite: 100gr / 500gr / 1KG

Wine Sweetener and Conditioner:  500ml

Campden Tablets: 20pk

Oak Chips

Grape Juice Concentrate:  White or Red  1.1L

Cleaners and Sterilizers   

Sodium Metabisulphite:  Sterilizing Agent  100gr / 500gr / 1KG

OXY-SAN:  No-Rinse Sterilizing Agent (Tasteless/Odorless) 500gr / 1KG

B-Brite Chlorinated Cleaner:  500gr / 1KG



32L Primary Fermenter with Cover and Volume Scale:  Opaque

30L Primary Fermenter with Cover:  Solid White

Replacement Lid for Primary Fermenter:  Opaque

Replacement Lid for Primary Fermenter:  Solid White

23L Glass Carboy (Italian)

11.3L Glass Carboy (Italian)

23L Plastic Carboy (Opaque)

23L Plastic Carboy (Cle

Testing Equipment   

Triple Scale Hydrometer


Stick on Thermometer (C & F scales)

Floating Thermometer (Small)

Floating Thermometer (Large)

Wine Thief

Test Jar

Wine Thief (use with Test Jar)

Fermentation & Bottling Equipment   

Heat Belt

Carboy Handle

Racking Tube

Racking Tube Clip

Air Lock (3 piece)

Air Lock (S-Type)

Degassing tool

6' Siphon Hose (5/16"ID x 7/16"OD or 1/2"ID x 5/8"OD

Hose Shut off Clamp


Auto-Siphon Clamp

Racking Tube Holder

Cap Remover

Lid Remover

Rubber Bung (various sizes available - solid or bored)

Bottle Filler

Tap for Primary Fermenter

Spoon (long Handle)

Carboy & Bottle Washer (Stainless Steel))

Bottle Washer (plastic)

Faucet Adapter (for bottle washers)

Wine Bottle Brush

Carboy Brush

Carboy Brush (L-shaped)

Bottle Sterilizer

Bottle Tree: Hold 45 bottles

Bottle Tree Base

Bottle Tree Add-ON

Bottle Tree Handle

Anti-sediment Tip for Racking Tube

Carboy Cap

Straining Bag (Muslin)

Straining Bag (Nylon)

Filtering Equipment

Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter System

Cellar Magic Filter System

Filter Pads (Mini Jet) - #1 Coarse / #2 Fine / #3 Sterile

Filter Pads (Cellar Magic) - AF1 Coarse / AF2 Fine / AF3 Sterile

Carbon Filter Pads (Mini Jet)

Carbon Filter Pads (Cellar Magic)

Filter Pads (Super Jet) - #1 Coarse / #2 Fine / #3 Sterile

Filter Pads (Filtalbrite)



Wine Bottle - 750ml Green Bordeaux - 12 per case

Wine Bottle - 750ml Clear Bordeaux - 12 per case

Wine Bottle - 750ml Green Burgundy - 12 per case

Wine Bottle - 375ml Green Bordeaux - 24 per case



Floor Corker

Double Lever Corker

Corks / Closures / Shrink Caps / Labels   

Corks - #9 Short or Long - 30 per bag

Corks - #8 Short or Long - 30 per box

Vacuum Wine Pump (includes 1 sealer)

Expansion Bottle Sealers (3pk)

Wine Dispenser - Box & Bag - 5L / 10L / 16L

Wine Dispenser Replacement Bag - 5L / 10L / 16L

Wine Bottle Sealers - 10 Pack or separately

Champagne Bottle Stopper - 30 per pack

Champagne Bottle Wire Hood

Wine Bottle Labels - peel and stick - many to choose from

Wine Bottle Shrink Caps


Y Connector for Filter Hose

T Connector for  Filter Air Hose

Complete Starter Kit for Wine or Beer

Liquor Quik Super Yeast

Liquor Quik Flavor Essen


Beer Bottle Caps:  Twist-off & Regular Bottles - 150 bag

Plastic P.E.T. Beer Bottle Caps - 12bag / 24bag / 100bag

Beer Bottles:  500ml P.E.T. Amber 24 per case

Beer Bottles:  1L P.E.T. Amber  12 per case

Beer Bottles:  E.Z. Cap 500ml Brown   12 per case

Beer Bottle Capper

Beer Bottle Capper:  Bench Model

Beer Bottle Brush