For simple dessert wines at their finest, look no further than Fontana Specialty Wines. With varieties like our award winning Ice Style Wine made from North American grapes or our lush Port style wine, you can't go wrong.

Six week - 12 liter - (produces approximately 30 - 375 ml or 15 - 750 ml bottles)

White  Wine  Kit


Ice wine is a very late harvest wine. The last grapes of the season are left on the vine to freeze, allowing the sugars and solids in the grapes to become more concentrated as the water in the grapes turns to ice. The result is a very sweet, medium to full bodied wine with long lingering finishes. The refreshing sweetness is balanced by high acidity. With its high sugar level and robust acidity, this wine possesses a distinct fruitiness, aroma and freshness. With its flavours of pear, peach, citrus, apple, fig, and honey, amongst others, ice wine is just sweet enough to serve after dinner with cheese or light dessert.

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