Morgans Canadian Blonde

Canadian Blonde is prepared with the finest English barley and hops using a traditional Canadian brewing recipe to create a beer that is full of flavour and clarity. This distinct beer variety has a light colour and a fresh, crisp finish, making it easy to drink, and a truly refreshing beer.


Morgans Canadian India Pale Ale

A new lighter tasting India Pale Ale, brewed from the finest pale malt and floral hops. Based on the famous brew of Nova Scotia, its unique character is now enjoyed coast to coast.


Morgans Canadian Pilsner

Styled after Canada's top selling beer, this pilsner style lager is brewed using German aromatic hops that lend a spicy flavour to the beer. Well-balanced, crisp and delicate yet with a fruity character and a slightly sweet aftertaste.


Morgans Canadian Lager

This refreshing lager is brewed the traditional way using pale malt, imported hops, lager yeast and spring water. Lighter in taste than pilsner or India Pale Ale.


Morgans Canadian Light

A lighter bodied version of the famous Canadian Pilsner its crisp, clean taste appeals to all beer lovers, especially during the hot summer months.

morgans cdn red

Morgans Canadian Red Ale

A distinctive full body amber beer.